"In (Ms. Milosavljevic's) "Untitled" she uses varied bowing techniques to turn a graceful theme into a showpiece, and in "Reflections," in which she was accompanied by the pianist Vicky Chow, a bittersweet theme blossoms into inventive solos for both instruments."
- The New York Times
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Recent/Past Projects

All of the programs can be combined, and adjusted to technical capabilities of the venues. Technical specification will be provided for each program.

Luci in the Sky (2012)

Art film: 
oncept by Vittoria Chierici
Original music composed, performed, and produced by ANA Milosavljevic
Film created and directed by Yuko Takebe
ANA Milosavljevic, Viper electric violin, and violin
Thanks to CIPH-SOSO, Italy
© Luci in the Sky 2012 (
Luci in the Sky incorporates materials with the permission of Ana Milosavljevic, copyright owner of music)

The project Luci in the Sky - (luci, in Italian means lights), started in 2007, when visual artist Vittoria Chierici met the director of an international group of sky watchers (CIPH-SOSO) who were recording special meteor phenomena in Hessdalen, Norway and in Italy. The director of the program gave her some of these very short scenes. Most of them were frames that were discarded because they were scientifically useless.

In the summer of 2011, Vittoria gave ANA Milosavljevic the commission, choosing her to be both composer and performer of the original music for Luci in the Sky. ANA created most of the music in March 2012, during her residency at The MacDowell Colony. The film is based on tiny luminous points of light moving the sky background in nocturnal variations which contrast with close ups of night creatures who came incautamente near the camera lens. The contrast between a distant, unpredictable world and the closer, more human attempts of flying away are the content cues that filmmaker Yuko Takebe had to consider when editing this film. Luci is conceived to have an open format in order to be flexible in its duration. More files can be added in the future, as new lights in the sky will be discovered and recorded by the CIPH-SOSO group.

Vittoria Chierici comments, "I wish to thank ANA Milosavljevic who agreed to work on this project even though the vision was somewhat unfocused when she began the collaboration. I thank her because her well crafted, thoroughly enchanting music acknowledges a deep emotional meaning interwoven in what can be perceived superficially by many as a nod to our present tech oriented culture. Also, a special recognition to filmmaker Yuko Takebe who brilliantly directed and edited this film using innovative solutions necessitated by the availability of only limited project resources."

Luci in the Sky received its world premiere on May 5, 2012, as part of ANA Milosavljevic's concert, during solo exhibition by Vittoria Chierici at Le Torri dell'Acqua (April 14th - May 6th, 2012), a new contemporary art museum in Budrio, near Bologna, Italy.

Luci in the Sky was premiered in the United States on May 18, 2012, as part of ANA Milosavljevic's concert at the Tribeca New Music Festival in New York City.

The Red Viper Project

The Red Viper Project is ANA Milosavljevic’s newly launched electrifying adventure focusing on music written for her 6-string fretted red Viper electric violin, electronic sound, and additional instrumentation including classical (acoustic) violin, drums/percussion, piano, and voice. Currently, this project is in the form of a one-woman show, and the program features works written by ANA as well as works written for her by composers Randall Woolf, Joseph C. Phillips Jr., DJ Damian, and music by Jacob TV.

This ongoing Red Viper Project presents a combination of various stylistic influences showcasing a rich sound palette, and blending classical and traditional Balkan music with some of the more popular musical influences such as electronica, rock, pop, jazz, and improvisation, an important and signature element of ANA’s work. It joyously showcases ANA’s own compositions as well as her collaborations with various musicians, songwriters, producers, filmmakers, dancers, DJs, visual artists, actors, and theatre directors.

Electro-Acoustic Reflections

This program offers works for acoustic and amplified violin solo, violin and piano, or violin and tape/electronics. Current active repertoire includes works by composers Eve Beglarian, John King, Aleksandra Vrebalov, and Ana Milosavljevic.

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