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"Ms. Milosavljevic's own agreeably folk-tinged music draws on traditional Serbian and Macedonian themes. In "Untitled" she uses varied bowing techniques to turn a graceful theme into a showpiece, and in "Reflections," in which she was accompanied by the pianist Vicky Chow, a bittersweet theme blossoms into inventive solos for both instruments. Her playing was at its hottest in "Zajdi, Zajdi," which she played on the Red Viper, an electric violin with a fretted fingerboard that appears to have encouraged her to borrow timbres and techniques from the rock guitarists' lexicon."
- Allan Kozinn, THE NEW YORK TIMES

“An imaginative artist willing to think big.”

“Composer Ana Milosavljevic’s writing here is lyrical and appropriately sentimental. Her beautiful Jewish melody for clarinet and piano was one of the high points of the show.”

“The avant-garde composer-violinist brings her red Viper electric violin to LPR for her latest work, a collaboration with choreographer Takehiro Ueyama and his company, TAKE Dance, based on the Macedonian folk song Zajdi, Zajdi.”

“Last night at Lincoln Center, Serbian-American violinist Ana Milosavljevic treated what looked like a sold-out room to a performance that was as intense as it was subtle…The showstopper was Milosavljevic’s own song without words, the title track to her new Innova cd ‘Reflections,’ a duet with pianist Kathleen Supové…Together, the violinist and pianist gave its stunningly memorable, brooding Satie-esque changes an understatedly raw lyricism, depicting an incessant cycle of pain and disappointment while trying not to lose sight of something slightly brighter. It was absolutely devastating, finally rising to an approximation of a crescendo the third time through the verse but ending enigmatically. If there’s any justice in the world, someday it will be as well known as the Chopin preludes, whose intensity and emotional wallop it matches.”

“Once she plugs in her red Viper electric violin, the Serbian fiddler-composer blasts through genres as diverse as traditional Balkan music, electronica, jazz, pop and classical.”

"Ana Milosavljevic is a major on-stage presence as The Ghost, playing the violin and performing music she co-wrote...The two actors are exciting to watch, and the violinist is exquisite." -THEATERMANIA.COM

“This monologue’s composition by Ana Milosavljevic, aids the meditation through its melodious melancholy.” - NEW YORK THEATRE REVIEW

"New York City brims with such diverse multiculturalism; from the brashness of Chinatown to the old-world vibe of Little Italy to the island beats of Washington Heights. The world of music is equally colorful for Serbian native, Ana Milosavljevic, aka "ANA." The composer/violinist adds a rockstar sheen to her Eastern European roots, particularly in her brand new work inspired by the folk song Zajdi, Zajdi ... Sporting a red Viper electric violin, ANA has captivated audiences with her fusion of traditional Balkan music, electronica, jazz, pop and hip hop in venues as formal as Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center to the intimate nature of Cornelia Street Cafe. In this performance at (L)PR, ANA plays highlights from her recent album release, Reflections, self-described as a reflection of her dual musical citizenship of her native Serbia and her now-adopted home in New York.”

“...her own composition, Reflections...a lyrical, heartfelt set of variations for violin and piano inspired by the Serbian folksong, Djurdjevdan. Ms. Milosavljevic...delivered a compelling performance, bringing out the sensuality, exoticism, and vitality of the music. ”

“Virtuoso performer” with “a wonderful mix of technique, sensitivity and passion”

"Ana's music allows time and space to expand creating an environment where one can truly exhale and in those moments, allow for the personal and universal truths that be, to seep into the soul. She takes you on a journey that mixes the profound stillness and comfort of one resonating note into a frenetic intensity that reminds us why we struggle for our dreams."
- Jill Echo, Assistant Director, TAKE Dance

RE: ANA Milosavljevic’s New Album “Reflections”

“The strongest piece here is her own Reflections, a brooding, Satie-esque prelude of sorts featuring the matter-of-fact piano of Terezija Cukrov. It’s meant to be bittersweet, which it unquestionably is: as the melody shifts ever so subtly, it’s an unaffectedly wrenching chronicle of struggle that leaves some possibility for redemption at the end, on the horizon: hope doesn’t get any closer than that.
Milosavljevic’s own Untitled is a Balkan-tinged dance performance piece, austerely graceful motifs amid stillness or silence”

“This is music made to deliberately evoke an artistic journey from origins/roots to discovering the essence and meaning of one’s voice. Ana begins with her own title track, sounding like the slow movement from a sonata and managing a graceful balance between classical form, folk music expression and song-like lyricism and accompaniment. No matter the contemporary forms or technology, Ana maintains a direct connection to a sound and expression that have to do with the place she came from, Serbia. In the generally fraught subject of authenticity in contemporary arts, Ana is implicitly secure in what she knows of herself. She’s an impressive violinist who also shows excellent musical, emotional and intellectual taste in the material.”
- George Grella, THE BIG CITY

“I first heard Reflections as a piano solo. The CD version is for violin and piano…The violin adds much to the emotional content. To me it speaks of a longing, almost sad feeling that moves to a determined, playful, beautiful sound. And all of this played over a steady piano rhythm that is both dark and uplifting. I love this piece.” - Customer review, AMAZON.COM

RE: ANA Milosavljevic's composition RED for string orchestra

"Haunting...beautiful...reminiscent of the best of Gorecki."
- Robert Manno, composer and conductor

"This is absolutely gorgeous!!"
- Marvin Rosen, radio host and producer on WPRB 103.3FM

Reviews (cont.)

“Ana Milosavljevic plays the violin with nobleness and grace.”
- 2008 Beijing ICWM Concert Reviews

"Ana Milosavljevic is a very enthusiastic performer of new music. She plays with a powerful intensity of expression. She presented pieces in various styles or genres which she can interpret with equal ease."
- electro-music.com

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