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Media : Video

Luci in the Sky (2012)
‪U.S. Premiere at the Tribeca New Music Festival (excerpt)‬

Luci in the Sky (2012)
Art film:
Concept by Vittoria Chierici
Original music composed, performed, and produced by ANA Milosavljevic
Film created by Yuko Takebe
ANA Milosavljevic, Viper electric violin, and violin
Thanks to CIPH-SOSO, Italy
© Luci in the Sky

(Luci in the Sky incorporates materials with the permission of Ana Milosavljevic, copyright owner of music)

The project Luci in the Sky - (luci, in Italian means lights), started in 2007, when visual artist Vittoria Chierici met the director of an international group of sky watchers who were recording special meteor phenomena. The director of the program gave her some of these very short scenes. Most of them were frames that were discarded because they were scientifically useless.

Since then, Vittoria has been interviewing different composers and film editors in order to find collaborators for this new art film project. In the summer of 2011, she gave ANA Milosavljevic the commission, choosing her to be both composer and performer of the original music for Luci in the Sky.

The film is based on tiny luminous points of light moving the sky background in nocturnal variations which contrast with close ups of night creatures who came incautamente near the camera lens. The contrast between a distant, unpredictable world and the closer, more human attempts of flying away are the content cues that filmmaker Yuko Takebe had to consider when editing this film as a multi-projection video.

Luci in the Sky received its world premiere on May 5, 2012, as part of ANA Milosavljevic's concert, during solo exhibition by Vittoria Chierici at Le Torri dell'Acqua (April 14th - May 6th, 2012), a new contemporary art museum in Budrio, near Bologna, Italy.

Luci in the Sky was premiered in the United States on May 18, 2012, as part of ANA Milosavljevic's concert at the Tribeca New Music Festival in New York City.

Zajdi Zajdi (2011) for Viper electric violin and electronics
ANA Milosavljevic, Viper electric violin

Zajdi, Zajdi (pronounced like Zaidi, Zaidi) is inspired by the Macedonian language folk-style song Zajdi, zajdi, jasno sonce (O Set, O Set, Clear Sun). My composition Zajdi, Zajdi is an original work inspired by the popular melody, of which I quote a portion. Zajdi, Zajdi was initially conceived as a collaborative work with choreographer Takehiro Ueyama, and it was premiered at (Le) Poisson Rouge on Feb 16, 2011, where I performed with the members of TAKE Dance. Additionally, Zajdi, Zajdi is used as music for Whispering Wall, a dance selection from the dance theater work SALARYMAN by Takehiro Ueyama (TAKE Dance). The composition itself stands on its own as a work for Viper electric violin and electronics.

Click here to see Whispering Wall, a section from SALARYMAN that features ANA's music.

RED (2011) for string orchestra
Performed by Ensemble Metamorphosis
Kolarac Concert Hall, December 25, 2011

Red is my favorite color. It is the color of the sunrise and the sunset. This color resonates with me, symbolizing love, passion, courage, vitality, beauty, and life. Red was originally written as a string quartet with optional additional instrument. It was premiered by string quartet ETHEL(I was a guest violinist in this performance) and Grammy Award-winning Native American flutist Robert Mirabal, on April 14, 2011 at the Akron Art Museum, as part of the program Music of the Sun.

I created Red for string orchestra in late 2011. Ensemble Metamorphosis premiered the work on December 16, 2011 at Dom kulture Studentski grad in New Belgrade, Serbia.

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